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2019 Registration Opens March 16!


Hello Farm Camp Families! 


Whether you're a newcomer, or a seasoned Farm camper, feel free to use your imagination!


Think back an entire year and picture - waving good bye to your curious camper(s) standing in morning circle, singing songs in the morning sunshine!  And returning to find your smiling (and often dirt caked) child rushing to you with a big smile, eager to share the days adventure:  Discovering bugs and berries on morning walk.  Finding eggs, feeding pigs or petting goats. Playing with the days new (or old) friend. Seeing the first sprouts popping up in the garden and discovering the shocking and magical revelation that pickles are really cucumbers in disguise!  


We hope that this email finds you all well, having a great year.  We have had several eager emails from parents awaiting 2019 Farm Camp Registration.  We are so thrilled to have such wonderful support from our community, and like you, we are looking forward to another grand summer adventure with you!  The registration page is now open for you to login and update or create a new account.  Updating your account now, may help your registration flow easier.  Weekly camp registrations will open at 9am on Saturday March 16!


Zestful Gardens 2019 Online Registration Opens March 16, 9am.  Mark your calendars, check out  website for camp themes and dates.  Camps fill up fast.