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New Camp Offerings ages 8-14! @ Zestful Gardens Farm Camp

March 9, 2019

Did you know this is our 8th Season of Farm Camp!? We have so much gratitude for the vibrant families we have collected! Many returning each year with expanded minds, bodies and spirits!  Our friends are getting older! That's why this season we have extended our offerings for children up to age 14! 


We are happy to offer 6 weeks of programing for children age 4-14.  Each week will run 2 camp groups simultaneously with one overarching theme across both camp groups.


Willow Camp group (ages 4-9)

Cedar Camp group (ages 8-14)


*Note:  You will notice there is an age overlap.


Children ages 8 & 9 have an option to attend either the Willow or Cedar camp groups each week. Parents are able to self select which group will work best for your children.  


Here's some info to help you decide which group may best fit your children:


Willow age camp group (ages 4-9): is located in the main camp yard and typically has a majority of children in the age 5-6-7 range.  This group *may* walk shorter distances on farm walks, have more frequent short trips to the garden, and additional "freeplay" opportunities between transitions. 


Cedar age camp group (ages 8-14): is located in the Orchard and typically has a majority of children in the 9-12 age range. This group *may* have the opportunity to explore wider area's of the farm, have fewer transition periods, and therefore more opportunity to spend focused time on themed activities, projects, and explorations.    


Weekly Theme Descriptions



We hope this info helps you find the best fit!   And we hope to see you this summer!