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Zestful Gardens, Tacoma, Wa   |  ZestfulGardensFarmCamp@gmail.com

Intuitive Development Camp for Kids 6-12


Our intention is that your child will complete this week knowing what their energy field is, how to use grounding and meditation to calm their emotions, worries and anxieties that come up when they are at home or school.  We also intend that your child will also know what they are really feeling and experiencing.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We have many activities to support physical awareness but very few opportunities to support their spiritual development.  Each child is provided a variety of experiences to find which ones best compliment your child’s personality and learning styles.   


Day 1

  • Introductions, and engaging with each child and their understanding level of their energy.

  • What is your child’s “Intuitive Style”?   Are they predominantly Clairvoyant (seeing energy), clairaudient (hear energy through sounds, and words), Clairsentient (feeling energy and emotions), or claircognizant (knowing what the energy is)?

  • Your child will practice these main 4 Intuitive styles through different exercises so they can experience different ways to know what their intuition is telling them.

  • Your child will learn their first meditation this day called, releasing tension meditation.

  • Your child will make their own pendulum and then we will teach the children this first day about how to use them.  A pendulum is a weighted bead on a string that is an extension of your child’s energy field.  Your child will use their pendulum throughout the week so please make sure they bring it with them daily.

Day 2

  • We will introduce the divining rods.  These rods have been used historically to find water, oil, vortexes and ley lines.  Your child will use the rods to measure energy fields of people, rocks, trees, plants, and animals.  

  • Your child will learn another meditation:  Relaxation meditation.  All of our meditations have a strong focus on grounding.  We will provide a variety of ways for them to learn the benefits of grounding.  

  • Your child will be guided in a journey type meditation to discover their spirit animal.  They will deepen their connection with their animal spirit by drawing a picture of them to take home and keep in their room.  

  • We will play intuition building games, that give them confidence in trusting their skills.  We will encourage each child to use their dominant ability and then how to work with other abilities that may not be so dominant to strengthen those.

  • This day we begin to introduce your child to their own chakras.  Energy centers that help feed the body and energy field with healthy energy. They will learn intuitive techniques on how to heal their own chakras.

Day 3

  • We will teach them about the energy of plants and trees and how to communicate with them.  We will have a meditation in the woods so they can experience what meditation is like in the woods.  

  • We will talk about nature spirits and all the different types of nature beings.  Your child will learn how to see them and talk with them and also hear messages from the nature beings.  They will color pictures of the beings they experienced.

  • We will work with the divining rods to locate the auras of trees, boulders, and plants.  They will also learn to find energy vortexes and ley lines in the land.

  • Your child will learn more about how responsive their chakras are in nature.

Day 4

  • We will learn two different types of meditation; Feeling response meditation and seeing response meditation to gain intuitive answers to questions they may have.