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Favorite Books about Wool and Yarn!

April 19, 2016


This year farm camp has two whole weeks dedicated to wool!  From sheep to yarn- campers get to visit the sheep and see where wool comes from.  Then they will have a hands-on experience of processing wool- washing, dyeing from natural resources such as beets and berries, carding wool to fluff and shine and spinning into a usable yarn for crafts.  In a subsequent week campers will continue to process wool and create beautiful group weavings on large standing looms augmented with lots of natural grasses, fibers, flowers and other nature objects!  


To supplements these weeks of fun, here is a list of our favorite books about wool and yarn!  Read them at home to gear up camp or to reinforce learnings about wool at farm camp! 


A Symphony for the Sheep, by C.M. Millen and illustrated by Mary Azarian

Delightful illustrations and lyrical poem takes the reader from farm and field to the shearer, the spinner, the weaver, and the knitters. The clever lyrics are made to chant in a round, or to be set to music.






Red Berry Wool, by Robyn Eversole, paintings by Tim Coffey

Lalo the lamb loves everything about the boy who watches over him and his flock. He tries to be just like the boy, and dye his wool red like the shepherd’s cheery sweater. Charming illustrations, charming story. 







Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski illustrated by Lee Harper

Woolbur is not like other sheep. He hangs out with wild dogs, cards his own wool to avoid the shearing barn, and even dyes his wool blue.